Vol 3, No (2009)

Table of Contents



Resistance to fragility test of red blood cell in thalassemia and reduction of osmotic force at cell surface PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 1-
The Golden Ratio Optimizes Cardiomelic Form and Function PDF XML
Jason Yongsheng Chan, Guo Hao Chang Pages: 2-
Application of garlic organosulfur compounds in prevention of cyclosporine A-induced hepatotoxicity PDF XML
Yadollah Shakiba, Ali Mostafaie, Delnia Arshadi, Behnam Sabayan Pages: 3-
Volume added, malarial infection and fragility of red blood cell PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 4-
Does Helicobacter Pylori Play a Role in Pathogenesis of Primary Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction? PDF XML
Naser Owji, Soraya Saki, Nasrin Saki Pages: 5-
The RANKL: Osteoprotegerin (OPG) ratio as a new biomarker for coronary artery disease PDF XML
Jamal Shamsara, Mohammad Ramezani, Amir hooshang Mohammadpour Pages: 6-
Susceptibility to fragility test of red blood cell in congenital spherocytosis: an explanation based on surface area principle PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 7-
Potential therapeutic effect of infliximab in anterior ischemic optic neuropathy PDF XML
Mohammad Hosein Nowroozzadeh, Mohammad Sharifi Pages: 8-
Curcumin as a novel plaque stabilizing agent in prevention of acute coronary syndrome PDF XML
Jamal Shamsara, Mohammad Ramezani, Amir Hooshang Mohammadpour Pages: 9-
The inhibition of kallikrein-bradykinin pathway may be useful in the reduction of allergic reactions during honeybee venom immunotherapy PDF XML
Ervin Mingomataj, Alketa Bakiri Pages: 10-
Application of tridimensional intravertebral bone graft combined with AxiaLIF technique in lumbar interbody fusion PDF XML
Xiangdong Duan, Qingyong Hu, Zhiqiang Wang Pages: 11-
Application of bonding system as a sub-base material following electrosurgical pulpotomy treatment in primary teeth: a novel technique PDF XML
Alireza Sarraf Shirazi, Minoo Rezaifar, Maryam Talebi, Ali Mortazavi, Katyoon Safari Malekabadi Pages: 12-
Estimated red blood cell thickness in microcytic anemia due to iron deficiency anemia and thalassemia PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 13-
Proposing the Design, Application and Performance Analysis of an Intelligent Nanoelectronics System for the Detection and Prognosis of Nervous and Epileptic Seizures PDF XML
Hassan Sabzyan, Reza Safari Pages: 14-
Improved nanoparticles preparation and drug release for liver targeted delivery PDF XML
Qiao Weili, Wang Bochu, Liu Peng, Yang Lichun, Shao Pengyu Pages: 15-
Filariasis and serum specific gravity PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 16-
Needing to "Research Methodology" as a course or workshop at University of Medical Sciences? PDF XML
Mostafa Jafari, Shirin Pournourmohammadi , Mahdieh Ghazavi Pages: 17-
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: An Introduction" PDF XML
Reza Majdzadeh, Sharareh Ahghari, Saharnaz Nedjat, Jaleh Gholami, Katayoun Maleki, Masoud Yunesian, Akbar fotuhi Pages: 18-
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Why and how should we promote utilization of research-based knowledge through medical journals?" PDF XML
Bahareh Yazdizadeh, Sima Nedjat Pages: 19-
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Selection and Grading of Research Projects for Decision Makers" PDF XML
Saharnaz Nedjat, Katayoun Maleki, Sharareh Ahghari, Jaleh Gholami, Masoud Yunesian Pages: 20-
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Intellectual Property Rights of Stakeholders for Promotion of Knowledge Translation" PDF XML
Katayoun Maleki, Sharareh Ahghari, Reza Majdzadeh Pages: 21-
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Modifying faculty members' promotion criteria" PDF XML
Sharareh Ahghari, Katayoun Maleki, Saharnaz Nedjat Pages: 22-
Cordyceps pruinosa for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease PDF XML
Dejun Cui Pages: 23-
Melittin and hyaluronidase compound derived from bee venom for the treatment of multiple sclerosis PDF XML
Nazaninalsadat Seyed Khoei, Sina Atashpaz, Kamyar Ghabili, Nazlisadat Seyed Khoei, Yadollah Omidi Pages: 24-
Myogenic Potential of Human Endometrial Adult Stem Cells PDF XML
Jafar Ai, Fahimeh Sadat Tabatabaei, Abdol-Mohammad Kajbafzadeh Pages: 25-
The Protective Effect of mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) in Cisplatin Induced Nephropathy PDF XML
Kultigin Turkmen Pages: 26-
Letter to the editor: Comments to Authors PDF XML
Jing Yu Pages: 27-
Letter to the editor: The Authors Reply PDF XML
Xiangdong Duan, Qingyong Hu, Zhiqiang Wang Pages: 28-
Could percutaneous femoral head arthroplasty using calcium phosphate cement be a novel therapeutic method for late-stage Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease? PDF XML
Jun Wan, Jing Wan Pages: 29-
Integrase minus lentiviral vector: A suitable vector for β-thalassemia gene targeting PDF XML
Davoud Nouri Inanlou, Bagher Yakhchali, Hossein Khanahmad, Mossa Gardaneh, Hesam Movassagh, Tooraj Farazmandfar, Aida Feiz Barazandeh, Sirous Zeinali Pages: 30-
Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus by Increasing Human Leukocyte Antigen-G Expression with Polymeric Nanoparticles Using Gene Therapy PDF XML
Mohsen Khosravi Maharlooei, Payam Peymani, Armin Attar, Amir Khosravi, Ahmad Hosseini, Mansooreh Jaberipour Pages: 31-