Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas 2009. 3( ):12-.

Application of bonding system as a sub-base material following electrosurgical pulpotomy treatment in primary teeth: a novel technique
Alireza Sarraf Shirazi, Minoo Rezaifar, Maryam Talebi, Ali Mortazavi, Katyoon Safari Malekabadi


Carious primary teeth are still a great problem in many countries. Maintaining these teeth, which play a significant role in chewing, guiding the permanent teeth to erupt normally and keeping the ideal dental arch size, is very important. The most common treatment of the deep carious primary teeth is pulpotomy. Many techniques and sub-base materials have been suggested for this purpose.

All traditional sub-base materials have been found to have different percentages of failure. Bonding systems are widely used in dentistry for tooth restoration. Their greatest advantage is providing better seal in the tooth-restoration interface, which is the primary goal in restorative dentistry.  The authors' suggestion is to use these materials as a sub-base agent subsequent to the electrosurgical pulpotomy technique. Bonding systems are easy to use, time efficient, biocompatible, do not need sealing pressure, and additionally provide an ideal seal.


Pulpotomy, Tooth Deciduous, Dentin-Bonding Agents, Electrosurgery,

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