Vol 5, No (2011)

Table of Contents



Stress perimetry: An Alternative for Early Detection of Open Angle Glaucoma in High Risk Population PDF XML
Alireza Ghaffariyeh, Nazafarin Honarpisheh, Fuad Abasov, Mohammad Hossein Heidari Pages: 1-
Consumption of ”Stressed milk” resulting in”Stressful child” PDF XML
NS Satish Kumar , R Aswini dutt, PP Jagadish Rao Pages: 2-
Diode Laser 810 nm as a potential treatment to improve visual function in Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION) PDF XML
Alireza Ghaffariyeh, Nazafarin Honarpisheh, Mohammadreza Ghorbani Khebreh, Fuad Abasov, Mohammad Hossein Heidari Pages: 3-
Letter to the editor: “Stressed milk might result in stressful child” but “Stressful adult” PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 4-
Letter to the editor: Usage of U7 snRNA in gene therapy of hemoglobin J Iran disorder: why it is not applicable? PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 5-
The Rationale behind wearing strings of Jasmine flower by the lactating South Indian Women PDF XML
Aswini R, NS Kumar, Sandhya Hemraj Pages: 6-
Novel material to quantify sharpness and traction of vitreous cutters PDF XML
Alireza Ghaffariyeh, Nazafarin Honarpisheh, Akbar Karkhaneh, Fuad Abasov Pages: 7-
Old fathers and long-telomered offspring: elongation of telomeres in the testes of older men versus transgenerational erosion of germline telomeres PDF XML
Reinhard Stindl Pages: 8-
Is dissection a must for better knowledge among future doctors? PDF XML
Tabinda Hasan, Mohamed Salih Mahfouz, Deeba Hasan Barkat Irfan, Shaan Mohamed Husain Pages: 9-
Micro-holistic body model: reconciliation of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedicine? PDF XML
Aihua Xie Pages: 10-
The low-frequency oscillation model of hallucinations in neurodegenerative disorders and in delirium PDF XML
Grzegorz Juszczak Pages: 11-
Letter to the editor: Stokes’ law, infection and changes in erythrocyte sedimentation rate PDF XML
Simon Brown Pages: 12-
Intraocular interleukin-7 injection can be an effective strategy for prevention and treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy PDF XML
Sayed Shahabuddin Hoseini, Nasrin Shoar, Saeed Shoar Pages: 13-
Letter to the editor: Jasmine and lactation PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 14-
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, simple hematological test but interesting in fluid dynamics PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 15-
Inducing of angiogenesis is the net effect of the amniotic membrane without epithelial cells PDF XML
Ghodsieh Paeini-Vayghan, Habibollah Peirovi, Hassan Niknejad Pages: 16-
Flux change, electrolyte and infection PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 17-
Change of blood cell morphology, a cause of change in its characteristic in clinical pathology PDF XML
Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: 18-
An electric method for Qualifying Cytogenetic Slides PDF XML
Masumeh Zamanlu, Saeed Khamnei Pages: 19-
A New Candidate for Guided Tissue Regeneration: Biomimetic Eggshell Membrane PDF XML
Jun Jia, Zhaoxia Guo, Jian Yu, Yuanyuan Duan Pages: 20-
Fundamental fluid mechanics and erythrocyte sedimentation PDF XML
Simon Brown Pages: 21-
Enhance tissue flap survival by intracellular delivery of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α PDF XML
Dawei Li, Pin Dong Pages: 22-
Ischemia Reperfusion May Be a New Approach in Cancer Interventional Therapy PDF XML
Qiong Duan, Tianlun Yang Pages: 23-
Can a research map help organizing interdisciplinary studies of relation between medical disorders and school performance? A framework for development of pediatric school psychology PDF XML
Ata Pourabbasi, Mahbubeh Ebrahimnegad Shirvani, Patricia Khashayar Pages: 24-
Physical stress may result in growth suppression and pubertal delay in working boys PDF XML
Muhammad Irfan, Ghazala Kaukab Raja, Shahnaz Murtaza, Rubina Mansoor, Mazhar Qayyum, Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi Pages: 25-
Targeting CD44 by hyaluronic acid-based nano drug delivery systems may eradicate cancer stem cells in human breast cancer PDF XML
Navid Goodarzi, Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani, Rassoul Dinarvand Pages: 26-