Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas 2011. 5( ):19-.

An electric method for Qualifying Cytogenetic Slides
Masumeh Zamanlu, Saeed Khamnei


Cytogenetics is a branch of genetics that involves critical applications in medical decisions. The procedures involved take cells with chromosomes and rupture them on the slide to release their chromosomes in metaphase spreadings. Usually the slide contains few metaphase spreadings and plenty of intact cells, so finding and analyzing metaphase spreadings are difficult. It is for this reason that many investigations search for innovations that optimize chromosome spreading and facilitate cytogenetic studies. To aid rupturing cells in cytogenetic slide preparation, Pulsed Electric Fields (PEFs) could be used. PEFs are a kind of electric fields, which affect the cell membrane in a way that can lead to cell lysis. These effects are currently the basis of applications such as nonthermal pasteurization. Therefore, applying PEFs to cell suspension of the cytogenetic experiments would probably lyse all the cells, yielding a clear slide with many metaphase spreadings.


Cytogenetics, Chromosome spreading, Slide preparation, Improvement, Pulsed Electric Field (PEF),

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